Life has many obstacles that can leave you broken, battered and beaten; I’m no different.

Let me show you how I was able to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually while building multiple income streams, authoring a best selling book, establishing a strong social media trust community: all while being a wife and mother of 4! You can do it too, let me show you how!

Quarterly LIVE Klasses, Monthly Live Q&A, Monthly Activities, Exclusive Videos, Replays, Access To Teaching Archives

The Father promised us sweet rest. Join Prophet Markita as she releases peace to your spirit, calmness of mind and REST to the body.


kita's kompany

Live Q&A, relationship topics, prayers, pop up classes, privileged information, and special rates on VIP Sessions and more!

heal while u build

Strategies. Whether it’s self-healing, forgiveness and confidence or helping you to move forward in business and ministry. 


These sessions are intense!  You will face truths and push you past your comfort zone. Meet two to four times per month. 


Unbreakable Moments

Markita is going around the country pouring into small intimate groups strategies on how to overcome self sabotage, balance, inner healing all through biblical principles and her experiences. Activation and prayer.

Unbreakable Sound

Real Raw UnKut LIVE Q&A Meets RIVAL!!! Markita along with the host church will engage a segment of questions and answers, Worship and Praise, breakthrough and prayer all in one place and one night.

Unbreakable Experience

This is the place you come for refreshing! This where the Sound and the Moments meet in a powerful 2 Day experience!

Real Raw UnKut, Q&A, Healing, Deliverance, Break out sessions, Love

“I’m still old-fashioned” reaffirms Collins teachings and her relationship talks with her signature program, Girl Talk with Markita. This is a dialogue for women of all ages: Those undergoing a transformation which traditional messages i.e. one’s relationship approaches are confusing the real message of what God truly wants for and from them.

These pages will challenge and guide readers to think about who God says they are as Godly wives, how to heal and much more.

This book offers a Real, Raw and UnKut view on what “old-fashioned” ways are for those who are seeking answers on how they can be found by a worthy man… all through faith.”

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HWYB Journal
Having a journal can help you reflect and think on the things you’ve learned, heard and seen while in class. You can go deeper in your faith by writing down your experiences throughout the Heal While You Build seasons. This also makes a great gift for a friend or loved one.