“I’m still old-fashioned” reaffirms Collins teachings and her relationship talks with her signature program, Girl Talk with Markita. This is a dialogue for women of all ages: Those undergoing transformation which traditional messages i.e. one’s relationship approaches are confusing the real message of what God truly wants for and from them.

These pages will challenge and guide readers to think about who God says they are as Godly wives, how to heal and much more.

This book offers a Real, Raw and UnKut view on what “old-fashioned” ways are for those who are seeking answers on how they can be found by a worthy man… all through faith.”

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Best Selling Author

Markita D. Collins

Rising CEO, Markita D. Collins is a Bestselling Author, Licensed Minister, Certified Life Coach and inspiring top 100 international social media influencer, Collins draws on her leadership and spiritual transformation techniques as the inspiration for her book. Through a multi media ministry, Collins has helped thousands of women and men faster a spirit driven purposeful life that draws them closer to God and empowers them to cultivate meaningful successful relationships. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW, Huffington Post and several multi media outlets worldwide.

Author, leader, certified life coach, wife, mom and relationship strategist, Markita D. Collins is an entrepreneur with a schedule that is filled with speaking engagements, private consulting and ministry-wide classes. She is an inspiration to many and travels nationally to share her teachings and connect with her audience all over the world.


This book was so good, I literally read it in 2 sittings. It grabs you in the beginning, convicts you and helps you in the end.

Markita’s transparency & transformation are inspiring so you feel like you have a friend in life’s struggles as you read it!

I’d suggest this for single, married, divorced,just everyone cause you will find a piece of yourself within these pages! 

– Liris Crosse, Super Model 

The book “I’m still old fashioned!: REAL. RAW. UNKUT” reaffirms Markita D. Collins’ teachings at her signature relationship program~”Girl Talk,” a frank dialogue for women of all ages.

In her own words, “ Women are undergoing transformation with traditional messages no longer enough! Women are tired of hearing the same old messages about their man! They want it REAL. RAW and UNKUT like an uncut diamond.” 

– Shermani B.

Markita D. Collins continues to raise the bar as it pertains to entrepreneurship and that bar has been raised even further with the release of her latest book, “I Am Still Old Fashioned!”

It is an easy read with fundamental principles that today’s society is indeed lacking.” 

– Hasan James, Editor-In-Chief, Root Magazine